Hide / Group / Ignore / Include - Mangle Agents

Mangle Agents "Mangle Agents" allows you to specify how much, if any, Webalizer should mangle user agent names. This allows several levels of detail to be produced when reporting user agent statistics. There are six levels that can be specified, which define different levels of detail supression. Level 5 shows only the browser name (MSIE or Mozilla) and the major version number. Level 4 adds the minor version number (single decimal place). Level 3 displays the minor version to two decimal places. Level 2 will add any sub-level designation (such as Mozilla/3.01Gold or MSIE 3.0b). Level 1 will attempt to also add the system type if it is specified. The default Level 0 displays the full user agent field without modification and produces the greatest amount of detail. User agent names that can't be mangled will be left unmodified.