Hide / Group / Ignore / Include - Hide

The Hide, Group, Ignore and Include entries allow you to change the way Sites, URL's, Referrers, User Agents and Usernames are manipulated. The Hide entries will prevent things from being displayed in the "Top" tables, but will still be counted in the main totals.
The value can have either a leading or trailing '*' wildcard character. If no wildcard is found, a match can occur anywhere in the string. Given a string "www.yourmama.com", the values "your", "*mama.com" and "www.your*" will all match.

Some examples:
Your own site should be hidden: "*tobias-schwarz.net" in Hide Site
Your own site gives most referrals: "tobias-schwarz.net/" in Hide Referrer
You can hide pictures, etc. by entering "*.gif", "*.jpeg", ".png" in the Hide URLs box.