Hide / Group / Ignore / Include - Group

The Hide, Group, Ignore and Include entries allow you to change the way Sites, URL's, Referrers, User Agents and Usernames are manipulated. The Group entries allow grouping similar objects as if they were one. Grouped records are displayed in the "Top" tables. Groups cannot be hidden, and are not counted in the main totals. The Group options do not, by default, hide all the items that it matches. If you want to hide the records that match (so just the grouping record is displayed), enter the same value in the appropriate Hide box (see example below). In addition, Group entries may have an optional label which will be displayed instead of the keywords value. The label should be seperated from the value by at least one white-space character, such as a space or tab.
The value can have either a leading or trailing '*' wildcard character. If no wildcard is found, a match can occur anywhere in the string. Given a string "www.yourmama.com", the values "your", "*mama.com" and "www.your*" will all match.

Some examples:
"/images/* Images" in the Group URLS box shows all requests for files in the "images"-folder as a group named "Images".
"yahoo.com/ Yahoo!" in the Group Referrer box shows all referrals from the domain yahoo.com under the name "Yahoo!"
"MSIE", "Mozilla", "Lynx", etc. in the Group Agent, as well as in the Hide Agent boxes is a great way to get an overall total for the browsers, and not display all the detail records.