Schindelhauer and Schwarz (2002) Genome Res. 12: 1815-1826

Supplementary Figure 4, Satellite Tartan

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Supplementary Figure 4

Suppl. figure 4 Four color sequence alignment of non-DraIII higher order repeats derived from localized non-DraIII clusters within PAC A7, subcloned as BamHI fragments. End-sequences of 18 individual, out of the pool of 40 existing 2kb non-DraIII higher order repeats were aligned, and the "common" variants used for haplotype analysis indicated (asterisks).

Supplementary Figure 5, Variant box

Supllementary Figure 5

Suppl. figure 5 Variant box. For haplotype analysis of 18 subcloned, individual non-DraIII containing BamHI higher order repeats of PAC A7, the combinations of 30 "common" variants (non-single) were diagrammed. The higher order repeats are derived from 2 (or 3) localized non-DraIII clusters. Only two identical pairs were found. Deduction of 2 (or 3) major haplotypes is not suitable, because the pairs hardly represent close relatives to the other 14 combinations occuring only once.